Daily Prompt: Stubborn

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

Being stubborn at any time means being on edge. No matter how trivial it is for others but at that moment it is a matter of life and death for you. It is very appropriate to dig in your heels and hang in there when your whole existence is at stake. Give yourself as much time as you need to resolve this. Just try not to buy into people’s label of being ‘stubborn’. Most probably you won’t as they say ‘you are stubborn and won’t understand’. Reality is; Like anything else stubbornness of that moment (which is getting reflected though you at that time) will melt away too, same way as ‘non-stubbornness’ of others will change as well. Just try not to take home something which is the property of that moment. Rather than stopping at one particular ‘label’, keep discovering yourself!!!





One thought on “Daily Prompt: Stubborn

  1. beautiful observation of stubbornness.
    hopefully this perspective ‘ll help in dealing with others stubbornness and may be my own 🙂


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