Time and Illusion

Time is a context for everything, whatever we can conceive in our mental world; our thoughts, hopes, worries, etc. It is almost impossible to think anything without including time. Try it!!


We all have a limited amount of time in our hands, and how hard we try we can not make that endless. On the other hand, part of everyone of us lives in a world where time is assumed to be endless; where we seem to be born from eternity, and last forever. Good or bad, in this neverland time is frozen and can be manipulated.  This is like computers with undo, delete and save buttons, where time is captured in  a space of a disc. Reality reaches the other level, being real and unreal at the same time. In a game we don’t win (or kill for that matter) in real but feel like winner and triumphant in real. This twilight zone is seductive as well as creative  which gives an enormous sense of power.  This is created by the illusion of being free of time. A timeless zone! Underlying mechanism is to create a system disconnected  from time.  When we are inside this, it is almost impossible to get in touch with time. For that period of time, we are immortal.

It seems, only we humans have the capacity to create, live, manipulate and use (or misuse) this illusion. This explains a great deal of our human sufferings along with our capacity to overcome them.



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