What is Frame?

Frame is a boundary which defines everything.Frame and context are the same. Presence is defined by absence, me is defined by not me, and light is defined by darkness. Absence is a frame (context) for presence, and vice versa. Not me is a context for me, and vice versa. darkness is a context for light and vice versa.

At present your frame is everything except your reading of these words  (or not reading!!).

It is very easy to forget that frame and picture can’t exist without each other. When we think scientifically, we usually forget that we are thinking with a frame of science; nothing to do with more true or less true. Same can be applied to any other frames e.g. non-science (unscientific!), religion, no religion, spiritual, non-spiritual, political, non-political, phenomenal, existential, etc.

CommonSense is about seeing this interdependence between picture and frame (same way as interdependence between thought and thinker, seer and seen, observer and observed etc.).

Are you aware, at this moment this blog exists only because you are experiencing it?

CommonSense in itself is neither a picture nor a frame.


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