To be or not to be

To ‘be’ or ‘not to be’ contains a conflict, which is based on the assumption of the choice.

Choices towards a happy life; though no choice when it comes to have or not have a life. 

Choice is contextual; there isn’t any choice if you can’t see the context. You can only choose to ‘be’ or ‘not be’ when you are separate from ‘be’ and ‘not be’. You can’t answer to “how is water?” when you have never been out of water.

Seeing context beings you ‘choice’ but this can’t empower you to getaway without any choice. And so on. 

Which one is better? Being chosen randomly by the choices or a limited freedom of choosing between two choices i.e. To ‘be’ or ‘not to be’?

One thought on “To be or not to be

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